Lake Braies

Water from blue to emerald green, idyllic landscape and the rustle of the wind: Lake Braies surprises in all seasons. Situated at 1494 metres above sea level, it is one of the most beautiful lakes in the Dolomite arch and is called "The Pearl of the Alpine Lakes". Surrounded by mountains, the surface reflects the Sasso del Signore/Herrstein and the Croda del Becco/Seekofel. Our Hotel Erika is only 7 km away from this wonderful natural place.

For its incredible beauty, since 2010 it has been chosen as the location for the Italian television series "Un passo dal cielo" with Terence Hill and many other actors.

A lake where magic and nature come together

Mysterious legends about its formation are told on Lake Braies. The fairy tale tells of savages who found gold and precious stones in the Braies Valley. The shepherds, greedy and envious, tried several times to steal these treasures and the savages to protect it decided to open underground fountains and throw the treasure in Lake Braies. In reality, the lake owes its formation to the damming of the Braies stream due to a landslide that broke away from the Sasso del Signore. 

Holidays at Lago di Braies: an experience to live

Lago di Braies attracts thousands of hikers, cyclists and skiers all year round, offering relaxation and incredible views.

In summer, its crystal clear waters offer shelter from the summer heat and will allow you to rest after a day in the mountains. You can rent a boat, row to the center of the lake and breathe to the fullest: let yourself be involved by this unique show. You will have the opportunity to take a tour around the lake, to admire the unspoiled nature that characterizes this small corner of paradise.

In winter, a landscape of extraordinary beauty is created around the lake. Covered by a blanket of ice and snow, it will give you the opportunity to skate on its surface or simply walk over it in a magical and fairytale atmosphere. Not to mention the Christmas Markets, which every year attract thousands of tourists to experience the magical Christmas atmosphere.